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7 Top Tips for Low Cost Advanced Website Traffic

You may have a website for your business, but having a website and driving traffic to it are two completely separate things.

There are some easy ways of driving traffic and making sure that the search engines like Google and Bing don’t drop you to the bottom of the list.

The words, advanced website traffic tactics might sound daunting, but most of these you can do yourself, rather than having to employ an Agency.  If you can do it yourself and it is only costing you a small amount of money, then it’s a win-win situation.  Learn how to employ and utilise low cost advanced website traffic tactics and have a much better chance of achieving online success.

7 Fantastic Tactics: Low-cost advanced website traffic tactics for your business

What are these low cost advanced website traffic tactics that we are referring to?  Below is a list of 7 Top Tips for low cost advanced website traffic methods. Try them out and measure your results to see what a difference they make to your online visitors.

1.  Write an article.

Write an article; make sure that you mention and post links to your website.  You can then submit it to e-zines and online groups such as Facebook groups that are in your niche. Don’t just stop at one website – post your site anywhere that you think that your ideal customers or clients hang out!  Share your article on all of your Social Media channels with a link.  Measure how many hits and how much extra traffic you get from doing this simple thing.

2.  Exchange links.

Never underestimate the power of backlink exchange.  This is a low cost advanced website traffic tactic that people tend to overlook.  How to find out where to do the link exchange?  Easy: type your website’s keywords in a major search engine, visit each and every of the top results and ask for the backlink exchange.

3.  Get involved in forums.

Look for forums that are related to your website and make your presence known.  Post useful hints and tips that make you an authority in your market.  Make online friends and let them know about your website.  This is an advanced website traffic tactic that advertises subtly, but works effectively.  The good thing about this is it doesn’t cost you anything at all.

4.  Advanced website traffic needs advanced tools.

The internet world is rich with tools that will give you impressive results. Investigate buying Software which you can use to take care of links and keywords.  There may be a small investment with this strategy, but it can make a considerable amount of difference to your website traffic.

5.  Power up with Meta tags.

Meta tags are what search engines are looking for so it can include your site in the top results.  Nowadays you don’t even have to know HTML to do it, whether you are building on WordPress, Wix, or other website building platforms, you can use a free version of software like Yoast  a free SEO tool,  to ensure that you get found by the search engines. Again, this tactic is totally free.

6.  Direct to directories.

Keep submitting your site to directories on a regular basis.  Just take a look at your website and see if it’s directory-worthy.  Web directories don’t waste their time on poorly-done websites.

7.  Conduct a survey.

Post a survey on a Social Media platform like Facebook.    This is a great way of doing market research on what your ideal customers and clients really want to see and what content you should post.  It takes the guesswork out of your marketing; as you have asked the question and people tell you what they want.

If you are simply not up to doing it yourself, employ an expert.

There are many businesses that specialise in low-cost advanced website traffic tactics and Search Engine Optimization – SEO.  Search for them online and compare their prices and skillset to make sure that your site doesn’t drop to the bottom of the list when people search for your products and services.


If you would like some help with getting low-cost advanced website traffic, email me on ali@alimcoaching.com and let me help you to get found.

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