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Maybe you need to get out of your comfort zone.

It’s a New Year and for many of us, a time to reflect on the last year and make plans about what we would like to achieve in the New Year.

We all have high aspirations.  However, it can be hard to turn those dreams and goals into a reality.  The truth is many of us struggle to reach our goals.  The reason frequently involves our fear of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Nothing changes unless we step out of our comfort zone.  It’s the place that keeps us in the ‘one-day’ mode of leaving our goals until the time is right, or for another day or when you have more time, money and better skills.

Unfortunately, without taking action ‘someday’ never happens. Eventually, the life you dreamed of becomes a distant memory, a regret and a ‘wish I had only had the courage to try’ thought.  Our fear of trying something different, putting ourselves out there and going for it keeps us from taking action.  We let our comfort zone keep us safe, which also keeps us where we currently are.

Your comfort zone keeps you paralyzed from attempting what you truly desire.  You may have goals and dreams but are afraid of what might happen when you do try. Instead, it’s safer to stay where you’re comfortable instead of getting hurt or humiliated by attempting to achieve your goal.

Maybe in your job or work, you’re afraid of speaking to a large group of people so you don’t go after the next level in your career, even though it is what you truly desire. You keep to yourself and stay in your current position instead of getting out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you don’t take the plunge to start your own business because you’re afraid of failing. You stay in a job that you hate instead.  Maybe you don’t try new adventures because you are worried about meeting new people and looking not being at fit or healthy as they are.  So you stay at home in your comfort zone.

Some of the reasons you stay in your comfort zone might be from

  • Fear of failing or succeeding
  • Lack of clarity and focus
  • Fear of the unknown – uncertainty
  • Anxiety and fear about change
  • Negative mindset – pessimistic outlook on life

No matter what it looks like, your comfort zone is keeping you trapped where you currently are.  You stop advancing professionally.  You don’t grow and develop personally.  You eat the same way, live in the same place, drive the same kind of car and spend your time with the same people.

Your comfort zone lets you willingly passing-up important opportunities.  Because of this, you might lose touch with your relationships, your health may begin to have serious problems and you end up living a life of mediocrity.

Your unwillingness to take action and step out of your comfort zone for whatever reason directly impacts your goals.  If you are afraid to take the next step and never do, you’ll stay where you’re at.  If you worry about what will happen if you go for you goal so you end up not going for it, then you won’t ever reach it.

When you see yourself struggling to achieve your goals it’s often because you are stuck in your comfort zone.  You are afraid of change, of doing things differently and being someone different.

If you keep on doing the same thing, you will get the same results!

So take the plunge!  Step out of your comfort zone.

Make a plan and believe that you are capable of doing anything that you want to do.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

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