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This has been one of the strangest and most unusual last couple of weeks for the majority of the global community.  With the Coronavirus Pandemic affecting most of our lives and with us being on ‘lock down’ we are confined to our homes and having to learn to live in a totally new way than we are normally used to.

For many people these times are worrying and causing us anxiety and stress as well as the feelings of isolation when we are not able to be with our friends and family, let alone our colleagues.

However, the weather has been an amazing in March and the beginning of April here in the UK.   It has been like summer, with glorious blue skies and sunshine.  The evenings have just started to be lighter even though it is still a little chilly.  Some of us have already started to bring out our summer clothes.  The trees are just beginning to come into bud and the cherry and apple blossom, magnolias and spring flowers have been stunning this spring.

For many people this is a time of reflection and almost a new start.

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Embracing Life and Walking In The Woods

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