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What Is The Backend Of Your Business? 

The backend of your business is just as important as the front end and, in fact, maybe more so. After all, the better you delight your customers, the higher your sales will be without having to chase down new customers. Not only that, turning your customers into brand advocates as you thrill and delight them will send your business into the next stratosphere.

Your Backend is Out of Sight

The back end of your business consists of the things that are done out of sight from your customers. Functionality such as marketing and promotions, accounting and finance, human resources, technology, partnerships, and more all run without your customers really being aware of it. It’s all the stuff that keeps your business going. Your autoresponder, your payment methods, your landing page technology, and so forth all run behind the scenes and create a very powerful transformative experience. It’s also your marketing funnel and your plans for implementation.

It Cost More to Get a New Customer

It costs a lot more money to attract new customers than it cost for you to start marketing to the customers you’ve already drawn. Because of this, using your back-end technology to set up autoresponders promoting the next product or new products is an excellent way to boost your income with less work and spending less money.

It’s Harder to Make the First Sale

One of the reasons it costs more to get a new customer is that you have to guide them through the entire buying journey using content marketing to inform, educate, and engage with them over a long period of time. They say that it takes at least eight touchpoints for any business to transform a lead, to a prospect, and finally, convert them into a customer. Once someone is a customer, they already have most of their protection mechanisms lowered and will be much more likely to take your offers fast.

Focus on Both

The truth is you need to focus on your front end and your back end. When a customer arrives at your sales page and buys your front-facing offer and gets on your list now, it’s up to you to focus on the back end, making repeat sales, making new offers, asking for and using feedback to improve your relationship build brand advocacy and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Now it’s time to think about what you can do to increase engagement, sales, and advocacy after you make the first sale. After your customers become customers, it’s time to work on retention, delight, and advocacy, and you can do all of that using your autoresponder along with some fantastic offers, whether your own products or affiliate products that you know they need.

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