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How can Branding help you to sell your products or offers?

When you think of the Coca Cola brand, what comes to mind?  Does an image of a red can with words Coca Cola written in white display in your mind’s eye, or perhaps a coke bottle? Of course it does.  Possibly a huge proportion of the globe know what the Coca Cola image and brand are.

Other incredibly famous Brands are companies like Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Disney, McDonalds to name just a few.   The instant that you see their logo you know exactly who they are and what they do.

Following their example, we must pick our niche on the internet and brand our company name accordingly.  Having a Brand that is easily identifiable and which tells your potential customers of clients what you do without them having to read a lot of text or to contact your company is essential if you want to succeed.

Here are the things that you will need:

1) A website that belongs to you.

2) Auto Responder and Opt In box. Your visitors will most likely not make a purchase on the 1st attempt and when they leave your site, you will not see them again. So do capture your visitors details with an auto responder opt in box and follow up with a series of emails. Follow up emails reinforces your brand name in the mind of your readers. Respectful persistence wins sales.

3) Photograph & Signature. Scan a groomed, smiling photo of yourself and your penned signature. This adds that personal touch to let your audience know you are a real person.

4) Audio. Do you have a nice speaking voice? If so, combine this with your photograph and signature to humanize your website and establish rapport with your audience.

5) Blog. A blog can be an add-on to your main website or be used as a free alternative to a website, at least until you are generating profits. You can combine every aspect of name branding mentioned in the above points into your free blog. Update your blog at regular consistent intervals with content specific to your vision. Refrain from writing about off topic content so as to keep your message and theme consistent. One way to keep your readers posted about your content is to use RSS feeds.

6) A Domain name. You can register a domain name and forward it to point at your Blog. Use the domain masking feature that allows your website to have a professional look.

7)  A logo that represents your colours and theme and that people will instantly know what you do.

8)  A clear image that are your colours and theme that you carry on to every Social Media account that you have.

Be specific on what your offer is and how you are trying to portray yourself as a company to fulfil the needs of your potential customers and clients. 

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