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Not everyone is your buyer.  There may be a large amount of people that purchase your product, but that’s not everyone.  You need to research your audience and be really clear of who they are.

Find out the answers to the following questions:

  • What are their spending habits?  
  • Values?
  • Concerns?  
  • Needs?  
  • How does your product/service fit into their life?

By answering these direct questions you will begin to win over your key customer.  The closer the focus, the more connected the buyer will feel with your brand.  You want them to think that you designed the brand specifically for them.

It is imperative when communicating that you exchange information about the product in the same way your buyer talks.  For example: if they are high class, intelligent and wealthy speak to them with sophistication and parallel their first-class style.  Or for the free-spirited young adults don’t confuse them with words that they won’t understand or metaphors; simply connect with your audience on their level.

Employees, customers, friends, and clients must know the personality of your business.  Everyone needs to be familiar with and understand the persona inside the brand.  Some great ways to do this are to hire those you believe already possess the desired traits, attend company parties, being a part of community events and relaxed company meetings on implementing the brand through its employers.

How do you use your Branding?

Next, use your brand, logo and tagline on company material.  These are: web sites, Social Media accounts, marketing, advertising, public relations, e-mail, letterheads, business cards, and product packaging.  Place your brand on any objects related to your products or services.

Society is always changing.  With that said, it’s important to evaluate and re-evaluate your brand. Simple changes without changing the overall message are needed for survival.  Grow with and ahead of your buyer.  Don’t let your brand get left behind.

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